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May 1st wellness offer

Spend the long weekend at our award-winning, family-friendly hotel. Pony riding and clown show for children, bike rental for the whole family.

Autumn and Spring Offer with coffee and cookies

Our best offer with half board, usage of the indoor wellness complex and saunas.


We are looking forward to welcome families with small and bigger children. Enjoy our traditional Easter buffet offer.


Family weekend at Lake Balaton with festive buffet offering.

Wellness and Holiday in Gyenesdiás

We await families between 21.05.18. - 17.06.18 and 02.09.18 - 16.09.18 with 6 pools, comfortable rooms and mini golf games free of charge.

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Conditions for booking and cancellation

Wellness Hotel Katalin > General terms and conditions

The general conditions of reservations and cancellations in the Wellness Hotel Katalin **** superior & apartment house **
General Terms of Services

The methods of reservations and inquiries

Reservations are accepted from Wellness Hotel Katalin **** superior & Apartments ** (Wellness Hotel Katalin) exclusively as follows:

  • in written form (e-mail), via the info [at] hotelkatalin [dot] hu mail address
  • through the hotel’s reservation system, to be found on our website (online booking)
  • In case of booking via other reservation channels, our official rules are valid, which can be completed with the conditions and rules of the intermediary. If you book through a different reservation channel, be sure to inquire about its credibility, as the hotel can only take responsibility for its own reservation channels. Our best public prices can be obtained through the hotel reservation channels.

Making contact with the guests is made easier in the Wellness Hotel Katalin via

  • a conventional form for inquiries on the homepage (, in the upper, right-hand menu under "Call of offers"
  • an online price calculator and reservation system on the homepage ( under the large picture in the middle called "Online Booking"

Guest information in a booking / inquiry

We kindly ask you to fill in the guest information completely and correctly in a booking or inquiry request, and to pay particular attention to the contact information (phone and e-mail). The Wellness Hotel Katalin is entitled to request the guest information of all persons (name, place and date of birth, identity card / passport number) when making a booking or inquiry.

The hotel can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The Wellness Hotel Katalin reserves the right to cancel a booking if the guest information was incomplete during the booking / inquiry, the guest information does not match the previously given data at check-in, if the contact information is not correct and it is not possible to contact the guests.

For inquiries / bookings, additional information can be requested under "comments".
We kindly ask you to specify the number and age of the children exactly and without errors ("Children, number of children" menu point).

We can provide only information by phone, which does not count as an offer. Offers will only be provided to our guests in writing (e-mail) and can only be accepted in writing (reply mail to the offer).

Validity of offers

Due to the reservation system, it is not possible to set an exact validity for offers, therefore offers can lose their validity shortly after delivery (even <1 minute).

If you would like to accept an offer (in writing via e-mail), the sales colleagues will first check whether the previous offer is still valid and whether we can still provide the accommodation with those conditions. If the offer is still valid, sales colleagues will take the next steps to register the booking.

If the offer is no longer valid, our sales colleagues will inform the guests about other possibilities and will send a new offer(s).
The Wellness Hotel Katalin is not obligated to inform the guests about the validity of the offers in advance, especially since the reservation system does not make it possible for the sales colleagues. The Wellness Hotel Katalin reserves the right not to accept reservations, even without justification.

Bookings are always confirmed via e-mail, with detailed description. Bookings are always checked by a sales colleague before confirmation and are only valid with the confirmation.

Rejection of bookings / inquiries
The Wellness Hotel Katalin can refuse to send offers or registrations of bookings even without justification. The hotel is not obliged and also not able to accept all inquiries. The hotel reserves the right to ignore requests without justification.

With a reservation, the guest accepts the policies, the conditions of the hotel for bookings and cancellations and accepts financial responsibility for claimed services and possible damages.

Accommodation and price calculation

Available rooms: In certain periods (during the summer, on holidays or other dates determined by the hotel), accommodations are only offered in such a way that there is no free day left between two bookings. Therefore, the offers are made according to the available accommodation, i.e. after the departure of the previous and before the arrival of the next guest.

  • Single rooms

The hotel does not have single rooms. Accommodation for one person can only be booked in the double rooms at the price of the double room. We can not offer a discount in this case.

  • Rooms with jacuzzi

The exclusive double room with jacuzzi or the exclusive double rooms with jacuzzi and panoramic view can only be booked by 2 adults. A reservation with children is not possible in these rooms.

  • Room offer - number of persons and special offers

The special offers are valid for the different room types (wellness hotel - daily prices menu) with the specified minimum number of persons.
This means that in the case of a booking for fewer persons than specified in the room types (adults and children), the special offers must be calculated for the minimum number of persons specified for the corresponding room type.
The minimum numbers are as follows:

  • Double room: 2 adult package prices
  • Triple room: 2 adults and 1 children (40-50%) package prices (For some special offers from 3, for others from 6 years old)
  • Family room: 2 adult and 2 children (40-50%) package prices (For some special offers from 3, for others from 6 years old)

The package rates for special offers for adults and for children are also based on the minimum number of persons specified in the different room types and may not be less. Children under 3 years or with certain special offers under 6 years are not included in the specified number of children.
For bookings with more people than specified in the room types, the additional package price is calculated based on the age.
The Wellness Hotel Katalin also determines the maximum number of persons (adults and children) for all types of rooms. Accommodation for one person can not be booked within the special offers.
The services of a booking (meals, massages, bike rental, minigolf etc.) can not be claimed together with other room reservations. If any of the services is not being taken advantage of, still the total price of the reservation will be charged.


Wellness Hotel Katalin can request a deposit of 30% at any time of the year.

For the exclusive double rooms with jacuzzi and panoramic view a deposit is payable throughout the year.

Our reservation system will advise you with all booking confirmations and offers if a deposit is required. If the hotel asks for a deposit for a reservation period not determined via the reservation system, this will be communicated via e-mail and the system's automatic confirmation will be overwritten.
The hotel reserves the right at its own discretion to insist on a deposit of 30%.

The deposit must be made either in cash or by transfer, with only one transaction, without installment payment. In general, a 5-day term is provided for the deposit payment, but in special situations this can be reduced to one day.

Since a re-transfer is not possible with advance payments (deposit), we advise you to make use of a travel cancellation insurance.

Upon receipt of the deposit, a confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided, only then the booking will become valid. For bookings with a deposit, the booking is only valid upon receipt of the deposit within the specified period.

Check-in and Check-out

The accommodation and the related services can be occupied from 2 pm on the day of arrival and until 10 am on the day of departure. For other arrivals and departures please contact the reception.
The hotel reserves the accommodation until 6 pm (unless agreed otherwise), afterwards the hotel has the right to make use of it.
Upon check-in, a registration card must be filled in with the following data

  • Personal data: (for adults: name, address, place and date of birth, identity card / passport number, in children: name, place and date of birth)
  • Number plate of the vehicle (s)
  • Day of arrival and departure
  • A valid e-mail address
  • The acceptance of financial responsibility for the reservation / services and the acceptance of the house rules
  • Signature

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the financial responsibility for the claimed accommodation (confirmed total) and for the claimed services is independent of the registration form (whether the stated data correspond to the truth) and the guest's signature. The accommodation is provided by the hotel by handing over the room key and the responsibility of the guests is in place already after that.

Payment methods

  • Cash (Euro) or credit card (Euro). The following credit cards are accepted: - JCB, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa.
  • Payments under 12 Euros must be settled with cash.
  • We ask you to pay your invoice in Euro. If you wish to pay in HUF (forint), the total amount will be converted using the sell-exchange rate (min € 305 Ft / 1 Euro), which is available at the reception.
  • Only one invoice per room is issued
  • Billing: between 7:30 and 19:30. We kindly ask our guests return the key cards and the sauna towel cards to the reception before payment.
  • The accommodation in the apartment houses are to be paid on the day of arrival.

Payment must be made no later than 10:00 am on the day of departure.
The hotel can ask the guests (without motivation) to pay the accommodation costs already on the day of arrival.
If guests do not meet their payment obligation until the last payment term, the hotel may publish the data, pictures, videos of the guests.

If guests wish to leave earlier than indicated in the booking, the following fees will be charged.

Once the room has been handed over the total amount, as confirmed in the booking, will be invoiced, regardless of when the guest decides to leave during the confirmed duration of the stay. The fees for unused accommodation or services are not deducted.

Upon Check-out we kindly ask our guests return the key cards and the sauna towel cards to the reception and to pay the total charge for the accommodation and services. The accommodation in the apartment houses are to be paid on the day of arrival.


Several discounts can not be claimed/applied together at the same time, only in special situations is it possible. Discounts that can be claimed together at the same time are listed on our homepage. If our guests meet the criteria for several reductions, the booking will be subject to the discount which is the most favourable for the guest. We therefore ask our guests to point out discounts they are entitled for, in the reservation process.

Children’s discount

For children's discounts, the age of the children is determined for the day of departure of the booking. Therefore, a discount up to 3 years is to be interpreted so that the child did not fulfill the third year of life until the day of departure.

Regular guest program

The discounts of our regular customer program can only be used by guests who register their booking directly on our homepage ( | For bookings via travel agents neither the accommodation fees nor the fees for services are included in the regular guest program. Be sure to book under the same name because bookings under different names are not added. The regular guest discount can not be claimed at the same time with other discounts, except for the children’s discount.
Additional information about the regular guest program>>

Changing reservations

Confirmed bookings can not be changed. If a change is necessary, we ask our guests to cancel the existing reservation (on the terms of cancellations) and then to ask and accept a new offer or booking.
The contents of our special offers can not be changed, the confirmed services can not be changed or exchanged. Services which have not been used do not reduce the previously confirmed total amount. Services can not be transferred, are valid per room and can only be used in this way.
For some services, e.g. Massages, it is advisable to book an appointment already on arrival - or even 72 hours before arrival.

Conditions of cancellations

Each booking confirmation contains the information as to whether the desired date is subject to a deposit or not. Information about this is already provided in our offers.
For reservations with a gift voucher, the same terms of the cancellation apply as for bookings with a deposit because the gift voucher is considered a deposit. A reservation with a gift voucher can not be changed or cancelled within 14 days prior to arrival.

  • For reservations with deposits

The following rules apply for bookings a deposit.
A re-transfer is NOT possible.
If the cancellation takes place at least 14 days, in writing before arrival, it is possible to re-use the deposit within one year with a booking of the same value.
If the new booking is made again for a period where a deposit is required, the hotel will ask again for a 30% payment. When paying the bill at departure, both advance payments will be deducted from the total amount. Hence the deposit is not lost.
Example: The deposit for a booking for 3 nights over New Year's Eve, worth 200 000 HUF is 60 000 HUF. The cancellation is made at least 14 days prior to arrival, ie the deposit of 60 000 HUF will be accounted for bookings with a minimum value of 200 000 HUF within one year. We kindly ask our guests to mention this when booking again.

If the cancellation is made within 14 days prior to arrival, the deposit can only be reimbursed in the manner described above after discussion with the hotel management. In all other cases the hotel is entitled to keep the deposit.

The Wellness Hotel Katalin is in no case entitled to charge further costs (for example a percentage of the total fees) for the cancellation, besides the already paid deposit.

Since a re-transfer is not possible with advance payments (deposit), we advise you to make use of a travel cancellation insurance.

Conditions for the reservation of more rooms, group reservations

The general conditions of the hotel apply to all reservations and services. For a booking of 2 or more rooms a deposit of 30% is required, regardless of the period of the reservation. In such cases, all data of all persons are required for the booking. (Name, address, place and date of birth).

Conditions for reservations by travel agents

The conditions of the hotel for reservations and cancellations in the GTC also apply to guests who have made their booking through travel agents (online reservation portals, travel agencies). In the case of differences between the hotel's website ( and information provided by travel agents, the hotel's own policies apply. The hotel assumes no responsibility for the differences and for consequential harm or disservice.

Further instructions

The Wellness Hotel Katalin reserves the right to change the content of confirmed bookings. The hotel has the right to change programs.

The communal rooms of the Wellness Hotel Katalin (all swimming pools, saunas, fitness room, play room, lounge, restaurant, bar, garden, parking) can be used according to free capacity. We can not secure an exclusive use of these premises. If you are unable to use one of these rooms for a short time (e.g. swimming lessons in the wellness area, or no free table in the restaurant), we ask you to use another service in the meantime. The hotel's wide range of services offer an alternative. The hotel reserves the right to organize programs in these premises and to close them for a short time (<1 day). The hotel is not required to make notifications about these limitations in advance.

The Wellness Hotel Katalin reserves the right to carry out maintenance related work on any day of the year, without prior notification. Work with loud noises is done as quickly as possible. The hotel accepts no liability for any inconvenience.

The wellness hotel Katalin has the right to terminate the contractual bond for the hotel service immediately or to refuse service if:

  • the guest does not use the rooms provided appropriately, or the services or the premises for the services are not used appropriately,
  • the guest does not comply with the rules of the house even after a warning,
  • the guest does not comply with the hotel's safety regulations - e.g. Smoking outside the smoking zone,
  • the guest behaves inappropriately to other guests or the staff, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or behaves in a threatening, insulting manner,
  • the guest has an infectious disease or a disorder affecting other guests. Persons who suffer from incontinence or persons who are not able to take care of themselves will not be entitled to the services of the hotel.
  • the agent or the guest fails to meet the payment obligations until the time specified by the hotel.

The main rules of the house rules

  • In the hotel building it is forbidden to drive with scooters, children's bikes, bicycles, etc.
  • Baby carriages are not allowed in the wellness area, there are travel beds available
  • Risk of skidding: In areas where the slightest quantity of water can escape, an increased risk of skidding is to be expected. The hotel is not obliged to expose warning signs. It is the responsibility of the guests to ensure their physical safety.
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the hotel, the smoking zone is located 5 m from the entrance. A penalty of 30000 HUF is due for smoking outside the smoking zone
  • Restaurant: Buffet meals may only be consumed in the restaurant. Wearing appropriate clothing is mandatory. You should not be in the restaurant in bathing clothes or bathrobe.
  • Fitness room: can only be entered by persons over 14 years of age
  • Pets are not allowed in the hotel.
  • The play labyrinth and the trampoline are only allowed to children under 120 cm. We kindly ask the parents and the larger children not to climb in. We ask for your understanding!
  • 'Please do not disturb' sign: The hotel reserves the right to enter the rooms despite a 'please do not disturb' sign if it is justified.
  • Parking: included in the price, the open car park is monitored by camera and is available for buses and cars at the main entrance on Szent István street. We also have a place for bicycles.
  • Sauna: All saunas can only be entered and used by persons over 12 years of age
  • Reception of guests: must be registered at reception. Our services are not offered to non-hotel guests. (Even against fees)
  • Management of guest data: Generally, the hotel does not provide any information to third parties. However, this may be done on the basis of the internal rules of the hotel, provided this is deemed appropriate. To avoid misuse, these regulations are very strict and are not passed on to third parties.

Obligations of the guests:

  • Guests are obliged to settle the contractually agreed services according to the contract (date and method).
  • Guests must ensure that children are under the supervision of an adult at the hotel.
  • Guests are obligated to report any damage suffered immediately at the reception and to provide all information so that the circumstances can be clarified for compensation or in order to determine whether the initiation of criminal proceedings is necessary.
  • It is forbidden to bring your own food or drinks into the common rooms of the hotel.

The liability of the guests for damages caused:

  • The guest is liable for all damages caused by himself, his escort or persons under his supervision or third parties against the hotel.
  • The liability of the guests also exists if the injured parties are entitled to claim compensation from the Wellness Hotel Katalin.

The parties try to solve disagreements from the accommodation / services under all circumstances peacefully. If a peaceful settlement is not possible, the disputes are solved legally. The competent court to decide the case is either the Court of Justice in Keszthely or the Court of Zala.

In the case of differences on the homepage and the written form at the reception in the booking and cancellation conditions, the written form at the reception is always decisive. In case of disputes, we provide our guests with a free copy.


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Very ideal for families also with infants. Very well equiped rooms, mini kitchen (on the floor), wellness separated for families with kids and families without kids. Restaurant is also separated, it is very convenient.

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