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Wellness Summer Holiday

1 × 3 hours bicycle rental
During the day play room with playground maze

2017 Wellness Vacation

30 minutes infrared sauna
Poolside party with clown: several times during the summer

Autumn`s offer

Coffee or tea and cookies in the afternoon
During the day play room playground maze

Apartment house package

Half-boarding (buffet breakfast and dinner)
Wellness section, minigolf game
During the day play room

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Bike garage

Wellness Hotel Katalin > Bike Garage > [Rent-a-Bike]

At the Balaton promenade in Gyenesdiás you will find our fast service / assembly for bicycles with more than 14 years professional experience.

As a quick service, we only accept bicycles that have broken during the ride on the cycle track. If possible, we try to solve the problems as quickly as possible.

Bike Service - Repair Services

Minimum repair fee: 500 Ft

Shifter - Setup (front or rear) 900 Ft
Shifter - bowden replacement (front or rear) 1 500 Ft
Brake - setup or replace (front or rear) 900 Ft
Brake - bowden replacement (front or rear) 1 500 Ft
Tire - inflation (front and rear) 500 Ft
Wheel - Rubber mounting (standard tube replacement) 2 000 Ft
Wheel - Tire replacement from 4 000 Ft
Bottom bracket - greasing 2 500 Ft
Pedals - replacement (1 pair, work + material) 1 500 Ft + 700 Ft

Opening hours

From spring to fall: usually between 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:55, please turn to the reception for further information


HU-8315 Gyenesdiás, Wellness Hotel Katalin - reception: +36 83 311 324

Balaton promenade with bike - tips and important information

We would like to share our experiences with all tourists, which we have acquired through the bicycle service and the rental. What do you have to look out for? What should you check before riding? Since the cycle track has become very popular in recent years and therefore the bicycle traffic has become very intense, it is advisable to wear protective clothing and have a functional bicycle bell. In addition to that brakes, wheels and rims should always be checked before the ride. The most common problems are bowden-cracks and defects, which we can repair quickly in our service. Our bike rental can even provide you with bicycles for a Lake Balaton tour.

Balaton promenade with bike

Our bike rental can even provide you with bicycles for a Lake Balaton tour.


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The Wellness Hotel Katalin**** awaits its guests in family-friendly atmosphere and quiet surroundings in Gyenesdiás - the holiday village of West-Balaton region - near Keszthely and Hévíz, only 200 meters away from Lake Balaton and the port.

The goal of our extensive services is the sharing of joy, physical and mental relaxation and a positive lifestyle to our guests.

The hotel has a big garden (10 000 square metres) with a large swimming pool. The hotel provides the possibility of playing various kinds of sports and leisure activities in the garden.


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