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Coffee or tea and cookies in the afternoon
During the day play room playground maze


Easter programs for children and adults!
Pony riding for children, Funny Easter egg searching for the children in the garden
Accommodation with half-board free of charge for children up to the age of 3*

Romantic Days in exclusive room with Jacuzzi

1 × 25 minute pampering aroma massage
1 × 30 minutes to the infra cabin
One bottle of champagne for romantic bathing
Welcome drink, 1 glass of `Love potion`/person

May 1st wellness offer

Pony Ride, Aroma therapy massage
1 x 3 hour Bicycle rental
accommodation with half-board free of charge for children up to the age of 6


Pony ride for children,
Clown show, Bicycle rental, Minigolf game

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Wellness & Beauty - Beauty Care

Wellness Hotel Katalin > Wellness & Beauty > Beauty care

Beauty parlor - beauty care


Face-, Neck and Décolletage massage

- 30’ - 15,50,-

Includes: facial cleaning with milk, peeling and tonic, relaxing massage on face and décolletage

Phyto Basic Treatment with Deep Cleansing

- 90’ - 29,30,-

The natural enzyme peel gently removes dead skin cells from the outer layer of the epidermis. After the thorough cleansing, the skin is massaged with a moisturising cream. The plant extracts boost the lifting effects. Cleaning milk, peeling, deep cleansing, ultrasound treatment, facial mask, face, neck und décolletage massage

Exquisit Phyto Treatment

- 60’ - 23,80,-

The skin is gently cleansed and thoroughly massaged. A generous layer of serum – selected for optimal compatibility to skin type – is applied, followed by a regenerating repair mask. Under the mask, the full effect of the serum is released as the plant extracts penetrate deeply to moisturize and regenerate the epidermis.

  • Hydro Wellness Plus – for dry skin with moisturising serum
  • Anti-age – with collagen-elastin serum
  • Sensitive – for sensitive skin with Aloe-Vera

Exquisit Eye Care

- 30’ - 12,10,-

Restorative and moisturizing treatments with phytosterol, vitamins and hyaluronic acid provide optimal care for the sensitive eye area.

Gruber Bio-Lux Treatment

- 90’ - 32,80,-

Stimulating nutrient-rich serums with ultrasound treatment and an invigorating face and neck massage deeply hydrates the skin. A lifting, smoothing aloe mask, a gentle eye mask, and enriching creams conclude the Bio- Luxe treatment. A regenerative experience that restores firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Cosmetic for the men

- 60’ - 22,40,-

Deep cleansing, antistress face- head and shoulder massage, moisturiser serum, plant mask

Crystalmassage- Mandala Treatment

- 60’ - 23,80,-

Relaxing experience for stressful days! With the power of rose-quartz and rock-crystal, a face mask with rose and lavendel extract.

Mukabhyanga Facial Treatment

- 60’ - 24,20,-

Includes: a very gentle, deep relaxing face, head and shoulder massage with sesame oil and a facial mask

Alpine Balance Body Treatment

- 80’ - 32,80,-

This treatment will give you lots of energy and boost your immune system, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Whole body peeling, mineral mud mask, massage

Moisturising Treatment after sunshine

- 60’ - 23,80,-

This innovative treatment and care concept focuses on ridding the body of toxins and other waste products by stimulating the lymph glands. This highly efficient treatment with products packed full of natural ingredients and selected Alpine extracts, produces a wonderful holistic feeling of well-being and transports you to a place where you can leave behind stress, time and day-to-day cares.


I welcome you with pleasure: Nelli Bényi-Németh - cosmetician

The prices of the beauty treatments include 0 % VAT and the treatments can be paid only at the cosmetician in cash. We can not charge the costs of the beauty treatments onto the room bill.

Other treatments

Eye lashes dyeing 3,80
Eyebrow dyeing 3,80
Eyebrow correction 3,10


Lower leg 6,20
Whole leg 13,40
Moustache 3,10
Face 3,10
Arm 4,80
Armpit 3,80
Intimate area (basic) 3,80
Brazil resin 4,80


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The Wellness Hotel Katalin**** awaits its guests in family-friendly atmosphere and quiet surroundings in Gyenesdiás - the holiday village of West-Balaton region - near Keszthely and Hévíz, only 200 meters away from Lake Balaton and the port.

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The hotel has a big garden (10 000 square metres) with a large swimming pool. The hotel provides the possibility of playing various kinds of sports and leisure activities in the garden.


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